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The free YouTube MP3 Downloader is an excellent option to convert your YouTube videos into MP3 audio files. Support for more than 1000 video sharing sites makes it one of the strongest options for all your needs in an enhanced experience. 

How to Download YouTube MP3 files with YouTube MP3 Downloader? 

YouTube MP3 Downloader is a great option to extract audio from your YouTube videos. Support for more than 1000 video sharing sites that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a wide range of them apart from YouTube is what makes it a full-fledged service. 

Step 1: Copy Video URL from YouTube

Launch YouTube and visit the video you want to extract audio from. Copy video URL from the video. You can do that through the address bar or by right clicking on the video and clicking on Copy video URL.

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Step 2: Paste the link for the video URL. 

Launch YouTube MP3 Downloader and paste the link for the YouTube video that you want to extract audio from. Click on Download to begin how to YouTube to MP3 downloader feature. 

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Step 3: Choose the Audio file and quality 

The YouTube playlist downloader MP3 will analyse your video and provide you with the download options for MP4 and MP3 files. Pick the audio file and the audio quality. If the video file supports it, you will be given an option to download audio in 256 kbps or 320 kbps. Click on Download and your file will be downloaded. 

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What Makes YouTube MP3 Downloader a Great Option? 

The YouTube MP3 Downloader provides you access to several options that provide you access to enhanced and perfect options for your needs. Some features worthy of mention include 

A complete YouTube MP3 Unblocked option 

The YouTube MP3 Unblocked option for an enhanced option for your needs in an enhanced experience. You can use it across any device or platform since the MP3 YouTube downloader offers you a browser enabled version. You can make use of the tool on any device that includes iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or any other platform of your choice. 

High-quality YT to MP3 download options 

YouTube MP3 Download option can let you download audio files from a YouTube video in a high quality. By default, you will get access to an audio download at 256 Kbps. If the original video supports it, you can even download the audio file in 320 kbps. 

Support for over 1000 sites 

YouTube MP3 Downloader supports downloading the content from more than 1000 sites. Some of the sites worthy of mentioning can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a wide range of other services. You can convert your videos into MP3 on any of those platforms. In addition to YT to MP3, the software can also be used for an enhanced experience in terms of YouTube Playlist downloader for MP3. 

Ease of Use 

The browser based YouTube downloader for MP3 solution to download audio from YouTube and other sites is extremely simple and easy to use. You just need to use a video URL and paste it into the tool. There is no need to download and install any software on your device. Moreover, the YT downloader also offers you an easier on the go functionality. A simple three step operation would make it one of the excellent and simple option to convert YouTube videos into MP3. 

Retain the quality and other information

The YouTube MP3 Downloader retains all the information of the video file when extracting the audio from the video. The track related information such as cover, duration, title and any other details are retained on your output MP3 file. That should make  YouTube MP3 downloader a reliable YT converter. 

No limits on the download size 

YouTube MP3 downloader does not restrict you in any way in downloading your videos or converting them into MP3. You can download as many audio files as you would want to. There is no limit on the size of the file that you can download using the YouTube MP3 downloader. As long as you have obtained the copyright permissions from the original content provider, you have no issues of any nature in using the YouTube MP3 downloader. 

A faster conversion option 

YouTube MP3 downloader lets you extract audio from YouTube videos at a very faster rate. The easy to use functionality, a faster and convenient download option makes it one of the perfect options for almost all your requirements. As long as your internet works fine, you should witness a truly faster download functionality. You can expect a five-minute video download to complete within a span of just around a few seconds. You will get the video files converted in high quality possible in terms of the perfect YT downloader.