YT to MP4 Download YouTube to MP4 HD

YouTube to MP4 conversion has been one of the most looked forward to activity among the fans of videos and other entertainment options. While we have a huge number of tools that can download YouTube videos in different formats, the focus of most of the video fans has been to focus on the YouTube downloaders that can offer you an exciting download in MP4 and that too in HD. 

We will check out a few options that can help you achieve the best options for achieving the best standards. 

What is YT to MP4?

YT to MP4 is one of the great YouTube to MP4 HD tools available. refers to downloading the YouTube videos in MP4 format. In fact, MP4 has been one of the mainstream formats for the video content and is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. Once you download your YouTube videos in MP4, you will be able to watch them offline on any device and platform. 

Now that you know how and why to download YouTube to MP4, it would also assume a lot of importance to download your videos in high definition. Downloading YouTube to MP4 in HD can assure you that you can retain the original clarity and quality of the video. 

Can You Download YT to MP4?

Converting YouTube to MP4 in HD is rather simple and easy. You have a considerably good number of solutions that help you download YouTube to MP4. There are both online solutions and standalone software solutions that can let you download YouTube to MP4 in HD without any hassles. 

There can be two different ways you can use to download YT to MP4. In the first method, you can download the YouTube videos onto your computer and then convert them into MP4 format with the help of any other third-party software. The second method involves using a YT to MP4 software that directly converts the video into MP4 when downloading them. 

Using the online solutions to download YouTube to MP4 will not need you to download any software on your computer. The tools run in a browser-based interface and can work with any of the platforms and devices. That would make them a great source to download YT to MP4 on any device and thus doubles up as an on the go solution. In contrast, the software-based tools need to be installed on a particular computer. However, they do offer you a lot of advanced features. 

How to Download YouTube to MP4 HD 1080P? 

Downloading YouTube to MP4 HD in 1080p can prove to be one of the most looked ahead task. Picking the right tool – whether online or offline can prove to be rather effective in providing you access to a greater functionality. If you are looking for the perfect tools that can prove to be much efficient in letting you download YT to MP4 in 1080p, a few of the great tools here can be good enough in achieving the best possible service to download YT video. 

  1. is one of the prime options that can provide you access to a better degree of efficiency in downloading YT to MP4 HD in 1080p. The service lets you download videos from more than 1000 different video sharing sites. The service does support a huge range of services that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion to name a few. 

YT to MP4 HD

The software lets you download the YouTube videos in MP4 in 1080p in just a few seconds. That would perhaps make it one of the prime options for the fastest YouTube to MP4 downloader. The high-speed download and conversion are one of the most sought after features on FLVto. It can also work as YT to mp3 converter. 

Steps in downloading the YT to MP4 in HD involves simple steps:

  • Copy video URL for your YouTube video 
  • Launch FLVto and copy-paste the video URL in the respective field
  • Pick the option for MP4 from the scroll list and click on Convert. 
  • You can now pick 1080p quality from among the available options and click on Download. 
  1. YT-Downloader 

YT-Downloader is one of the best YouTube downloaders for downloading YT to MP4 in 1080p HD resolution. It is one of the prime options for the free and all-purpose YT to MP4 in HD downloader. Anywhere and any device compatibility offered by the YT-Downloader should ideally make it one of the most reliable options ever. You can use the tool on a wide range of platforms that include Mac, Windows, iOS, iPhone, Android. It can be your best for downloading YouTube to mp4 in best quality.

YT to MP4 downloader

The software tool does provide you access to as many as 1000 different sites that you can download your videos from. Some of the sites that the online tool provides support for would include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vevo, BBC, Bilibili, and many more other sites. The tool also supports a huge number of video clarity that include SD, HD, and 4K. This includes the ability to download YT to MP in 1080p HD. 

The steps to download videos remain the same across almost all online tools. You will simply need to copy the video URL for the video you want to download and paste it in the appropriate field on the tool. Then click on Download and you will get access to the options to pick the right resolution and video quality. Pick the option for 1080p resolution and click the download button. 

  1. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is one of the prime options that can provide you access to a great experience in downloading YT to MP4 in 1080p. The YouTube to MP4 converter unblocked lets you enjoy your YouTube videos in MP4 and 1080p quality on any of your devices and platforms. A faster conversion speed ensures a great degree of efficiency. 

YT to MP4 HD 1080P

Y2Mate is compatible with almost all platforms and devices, and is a great tool for YouTube to MP4 HD conversion. You will be able to work with the tool on any of the platforms that include Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and many more. The software does support a huge number of video sharing services that include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, and a wide range of other services. You can also use it as a YT to mp3 converter.

The steps to download YT to MP4 in HD are quite simple and easy:

  • Copy the video URL for the video you want to download 
  • Launch Y2Mate in any of your favorite browsers
  • Paste the video URL in the space provided 
  • Pick the video resolution 1080p from among the resolution options. 
  • Click on download to begin downloading your video. 

Which Tool Should you Choose for the Best YT to MP4 HD download? 

Well, there are several tools – both online and software-based – that have been one of the prime options for providing you access to the best option to download YT to MP4 in HD. We checked the tools featured above and found them providing a few exciting download options. 

The tools featured here have been found to offer outstanding functionality and help you get access to a great degree of efficiency in converting your videos into MP4 in 1080p HD.